SPCA of Northern Virginia Kittens
Kittens born April 8, 2010

Current Status

As of now, we are in a holding pattern, just waiting for the kittens to grow.  The larger they are, the more successful the surgery will be.

On June 30, we went to our vet for booster shots and a general examination.  We noticed that some of the fur was growing back and rubbing on their eyeballs again.  Because hair grows in a cycle, it is not unusual to do the cryogenic procedure more than once.  We have contacted the vets at Virginia Tech and are awaiting their schedule as to when they can fit us in for another procedure.  So, the kittens can definitely use your donations to help pay for these costly surgeries. 

However, in the long run, we can save their sight and they can have very happy, normal lives.  This is a much better option than the past when they would remove their eyes and sew the skin shut or put them to sleep.  The kittens, Greg and I and the SPCA of Northern Virginia, truly appreciate your support and assistance.  We could not do this alone.

Because the kittens get eye ointment at least 6-8 times a day, I take them to my office with me.  Otherwise, I'd have to keep running home and could not get any work done.  They are extremely helpful and really love it there.  I think they have slowed down my productivity at least by 50% with all of the additional kitty help.

 My conference room
 Lots of kitty help
 Moo Moo as Spiderman
 Where's Waldo? or Joe?
Top of my cubicle wall
 Bob's helping
 Moo Moo's shoe fetish
 Monkey see, Monkey do
Nap time in our carrier
 Our favorite sleeping places
 Soon, 3 are not going to fit
 My ying and yang
  One of the effects of losing Katie is that Abby looks for her a lot.  The other is that she still nurses her kittens.  Most moms will wean the babies by 6-8 weeks of age.  As of today, they are almost 12 weeks and still have an occasional snack from Abby.  Our vet compared it to women who nurse their 3 year old toddlers.  We can not spay Abby until she has stopped nursing the kittens because the surgery is very difficult if she's still producing milk.  Even though the kittens have been seperated from her for 3-4 days a couple of times, she allows them to keep coming back.

  Moo Moo wears a black collar, Joe wears a red collar and Bob wears a green collar.  It is amazing how much time they can spend amusing each other .

July 12: We just received confirmation that the vets at Virginia Tech will see all of the kittens for a check up and will probably do the cryosurgery one more time to kill the hair follicles that were not killed the first time.  I'll post more after our trip on August 1.

August 6: Brenda took the kittens and Henry back down to Virginia Tech on August 1 for our appointment on August 2.  All three had their eyes examined.  The good news is that all three seem to be producing their own tears, which they were not before.  Joe's eyes are in the best shape and Bob's are second.  Moo Moo has the worst eyes and all three had the cryosurgery.  The opthamologist stated that we should wait until the kittens were one year old to determine whether they would need reconstructive surgery.  As it is now, they think only Moo Moo may need it, which is great news.  Since they were given anesthesia for the cryosurgery, the boys were also neutered during the trip.

Bob also saw an internest for his GI problems, which have not changed.  He's up to 2.7 ml of stool softener, three times a day to keep things moving.  He will also be reevaluated in the future for an endoscopic procedure.  So, for now, they will get eye ointment 3-4 times a day and Bob will get his stool softener until they are a year old and they will be examined at that time.

On August 4, Abby was spayed since she was separated from her kittens while they were at Viginia Tech and the bullet in her side was removed.  She has recovered beautifully and has been adopted by our parents whose last cat (a NOVA SPCA adopted cat) passed away from a heart defect that he had since birth.  They have been very lonely since Willy died and Abby will have a wonderful, caring home, not far from her babies. 

The surgery didn't keep them from playing.

 Moo's eyes after surgery

 Joe and Bob after surgery


Henry with the babies; they love to pounce his tail when it wags.

Strange place for a bath, at least the dogs don't think he's dinner

Does Joe think he's a main course or helping make one?

 Bob helping move files

Every time!  As soon as we open the fridge, someone jumps in.  This one is Joe.

 Where's Waldo, part 2

Please remember that the SPCA of Northern Virginia appreciates any donation you are able to make.  Your dontation will help pay for these expensive surgeries and veterinary care.
Please donate to the Northern Virginia SPCA by clicking on this link. www.spcanova.org Click on the 'donate now' button on the left side of their homepage, under 'Contact Us'.  Make sure you designate the "Stone kittens" or "eyelid surgery" when you complete the donation form or the money will go into the general fund and not support this litter.  All donations are tax deductible.
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