SPCA of Northern Virginia Kittens
Kittens born April 8, 2010

Frank (Moo Moo)

From the moment he was born, we called him Moo Moo because he looks like a cow.  Since all of our kittens get 'real' names, we did not feel that it was fair that he was saddled with Moo Moo.  Thus, we named him Frank for Frank Sinatra because of his hat, which was much better than 'ink blot' or 'Rorschach'.

Moo Moo is the most unafraid kitten we have ever met.  We are not sure if it is because his eyesight is poor that he does not see as much so he does not react to his environment as strongly.  He is the first to charge through a door into a new area.  When he had cloudy spots on his eyes, he could not see clearly when he looked straight at you so he would tilt his head higher than normal when we would approach him.  It gave the impression that he was very glad to see you and more interested in you since he was looking up to us.  Also, he uses his nose more than other 'normal' cats to compensate for his condition.  Thus, when he comes up to you, he will sniff your nose and mouth to identify you.  It is very cute and endearing when he does this.

Moo Moo has the worst eyes of the litter.  He is missing most of his upper eyelid with just a little bit in the inside corner.  His eyes were badly clouded and ulcerated because of the constant rubbing of his fur on his eyeball.  He is the reason that we diagnosed the entire litter.  Because he has white fur around his eyes and he is missing the most of his upper eyelid, it was more apparent once he opened his eyes and grew bigger.  We did not notice it on any of the other kittens since they were black around the eyes.  Our vet is the one that diagnosed the entire litter as having this problem.

For more information on eyelid agenesis, please go to that page.  Suffice it to say that Moo Moo has the most sever case in the litter and will require reconstructive surgery, which includes remove a saliva gland to insert into his eye area in the hopes of keeping his eye moist and healthy.

Moo Moo is the sweetest boy and the only one who will let me hold him like a baby, upside down, in my arms.  He will purr and fall asleep in this position.  The only downside is that I can not move once he is asleep and find myself trying to type or make phone calls with only one hand.

Moo Moo will likely need a lifetime of medical care.  If the surgery is successful, he may need nothing but observation but more likely, he'll need daily (if not multiple times a day) eye drops or ointment.  Furthermore, on the last trip to the vet, she detected a heart murmur, which he could outgrow as some kittens do.  If not, he will be checked yearly by a cardiologist for deterioration.

 I like to call this series, the "Look at my big, fat, full, tummy" photos.  This is when he really looked like a cow.
What a cute face!  The middle photo is Moo Moo's first taste of 'real' food besides the milk he gets from his mom.  The last is in his 'house' that I built that they lived in until they were big enough to climb out.
Moo Moo is extremely playful, even on the day of his eye surgery.  His favorite 'toy' is his own tail.  He gets hours of enjoyment from chasing his own tail, as well as his brother's and mom's tails.  The last photo is him 'protecting' his LV bag from his brother.  It turned into a King of the Hill game.  I think it's a sign of his expensive tastes.  Hope he does not grow up to demand caviar and truffles for dinner.

Please remember that the SPCA of Northern Virginia appreciates any donation you are able to make.  Your dontation will help pay for these expensive surgeries and veterinary care.
Please donate to the Northern Virginia SPCA by clicking on this link. www.spcanova.org Click on the 'donate now' button on the left side of their homepage, under 'Contact Us'.  Make sure you designate the "Stone kittens" or "eyelid surgery" when you complete the donation form or the money will go into the general fund and not support this litter.  All donations are tax deductible.
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