SPCA of Northern Virginia Kittens
Kittens born April 8, 2010


Joe is the largest of the black cats.  He's actually not truly black.  He has a smokey/dark gray tummy with tabby markings.  He also has sporadic white hairs along his ears and toes.  He also has marbling on his sides that is only really visable in the sun.  He's very unique and beautiful.

Joe is the most affectionate of the litter.  He will literally fall over trying to rub on your ankles, head, or any other body part that's near him.  He has such a large purr and as soon as you pick him up, he starts.

When Joe was 3 weeks old and we went to the ophthalmologist, he had ulcers in both eyes and between he and his black brother, had the worst eyes of the two.

Joe has the sweetest, loving personality.  He's always ready to play and is usually found with at least one of his brothers.  The photos above are Joe's first taste of real food, chicken baby food and his favorite spot, inside my purse.  It's a great spot to hide and then pounce his brothers.

Joe is the 'stealer' of the family.  If he finds anything that he likes, he grabs it and runs.  He probably has a stash somewhere under the bed where he is piling up all of his favorite items.  This ranges from gloves, socks, toys, pens, and much more.  The other day, Greg was laying out his clothes for the next day and brought his underwear and socks out and laid them on the bed.  While he went to get his dress shirt from the closet, Joe stole his underwear.  Greg comes out of the closet and asks me where I put his underwear.  I told him that I had no idea what he was talking about and was he sure he brought it.  He assured me that he did and went to get another pair.  Then, he goes into the bathroom to brush his teeth and there are his underwear, lying in front of the shower door.

Here you can see Joe's stripes from the inside of their house.  They lived in the cardboard box until they were old enough to crawl out on their own. The last photo is typical of Joe.  He has piled up his toys in the bed and then fell asleep on top so no one else could get them.
  This is a video of Joe trying to decide what is more fun to play with: his mom's tail, a mouse or his own shadow.  Watch and see what happens.

Please remember that the SPCA of Northern Virginia appreciates any donation you are able to make.  Your dontation will help pay for these expensive surgeries and veterinary care.
Please donate to the Northern Virginia SPCA by clicking on this link. www.spcanova.org Click on the 'donate now' button on the left side of their homepage, under 'Contact Us'.  Make sure you designate the "Stone kittens" or "eyelid surgery" when you complete the donation form or the money will go into the general fund and not support this litter.  All donations are tax deductible.
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