SPCA of Northern Virginia Kittens
Kittens born April 8, 2010

Our Virginia Tech Trip

Once the kittens were diagnosed with eyelid agenesis, I emailed several vet schools and clinics on behalf of the SPCA of Northern Virginia to see if anyone was able to assist us and this litter.

Because Moo Moo's eyes seemed to be getting worse with every blink, I didn't think it was logical to wait until he was older to do the reconstructive surgery.  J. Phillip Pickett, DVM, Diplomate, ACVO, Professor, Ophthalmology, Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences at Virginia Tech replied.  He sent the most wonderful email and offered his and Virginia Tech's help.  He recommended the cryosurgery immediately to help minimize the impact of the eyelid agenesis on their eyes.  He also hoped that this alone could solve their eye problems, if their birth defect was not that severe.

So, on Wednesday, May 26, I packed up Abby, the kittens and Henry (our Norwegian Elkhound) and we headed down to Blacksburg, Virginia.


The kittens on the L, Abby on R

Kittens are calm but unsure

 My co-pilot, Henry

 Approaching I-81  The closest pet friendly hotel  HokieBird at Comfort Inn
 Checking out the bathroom  Henry and Moo Moo  Henry is testing out the bed
 The kittens settle in for a nap
 In the carrier at 7 am on 5/27
 On our way to Virginia Tech
 Arriving on Campus
 Running Together Statue
 Ready to Serve Statue
 Main Entrance to the hospital
 After the surgery
 Waiting to go home
 Back in the car
Relieved to be going home
 Naked, swollen eyes
 poor Moo Moo
Bob, relaxing in the carrier
 Henry, Abby & the kittens
 Back in the car going home
 Henry does not like my music
 Back home, worn out

I can not say enough about Virginia Tech, the Small Animal Clinic, Dr. Pickett, the other doctors, vet students and staff.  Everyone was very helpful, caring and enthusiastic. 
I was very impressed with their facility and the people working there.  I felt that the kittens were in excellent hands and everyone truly had an interest in their case and their health.  It is a very special place with very special people.  We will always be thankful that Dr. Picket returned my email and arranged for us to receive care from Virginia Tech.  The hospital even arranged for a discount to assist the SPCA of Northern Virginia and us with the cost of the procedure.


Please remember that the SPCA of Northern Virginia appreciates any donation you are able to make.  Your dontation will help pay for these expensive surgeries and veterinary care.
Please donate to the Northern Virginia SPCA by clicking on this link. www.spcanova.org Click on the 'donate now' button on the left side of their homepage, under 'Contact Us'.  Make sure you designate the "Stone kittens" or "eyelid surgery" when you complete the donation form or the money will go into the general fund and not support this litter.  All donations are tax deductible.
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